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  1. Hello! I am curious about the wrist injury you got a year ago. I recently injured my wrist/hand at the anatomical snuffbox from doing handstand. I want to know how you treated your wrist, and what the healing process was. I have seen a chiro 3 times and I am now waiting on x-ray results. Let me know what you did to treat your wrist and what works. I would love to share notes.

  2. Hi Eugene,

    I am trying to contact you for the guest blogger/manager flyer I saw at yogaview in Wicker Park but it says your email address is not valid. Is there a way I can contact you please? I am very interested in this position.

  3. Such a shame that you don’t publish all comments you receive.. I commented on ‘Morally Adrift’ but seems like it’s been deleted – is this an open forum? Curious.

    • Hi Kate! I am so sorry that your comment wasn’t posted. It was probably deleted, mistakenly, by the spam filter on wordpress. I will see if I can dig up your comment from the spam bin and repost it.


    • Hi again. So I looked and looked, but there is no sign of your comments on “Morally Adrift” 😦 I am not sure why your comment would have been deleted, but I apologize profusely!

      All of my posts are open to comments from anyone, though wordpress does filter out posts that have external links embedded in them… In any case, thank you so much for reading, and for taking the time to write a response to one of my ramblings.

  4. I would love to send you a new book published by, please let me know where I can send this. Would love to hear your thoughts ~ Namaste

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