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Guest Blogger: Aseem Giri

Om Shanti: A Yoga Blog is excited to welcome a new guest blogger to the site, Aseem Giri. Over the coming weeks and months, Aseem will be sharing his thoughts on a wide range of topics related to the business of yoga, business as yoga, and other ways in which yoga and business intersect. Yoga in … Continue reading

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Yoga and Diversity

If you practice yoga at a studio or a gym, you might have noticed that there’s not much diversity among the students (or the teachers, for that matter). Yoga classes are predominantly filled up with well-to-do white women. There are, of course, some exceptions, but market research shows pretty clearly that 80-90% of the yoga market consists of … Continue reading

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Substitute Yoga Teachers

Last week, the teacher who normally teaches my favorite Sunday afternoon 2/3 Vinyasa Flow class was out of town, so the studio brought in a substitute teacher. The sub was well-trained and perfectly qualified to be there, but about fifteen minutes into the class, she said something which kind of riled me. She announced: “If you’re here expecting to get the kind of … Continue reading

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Raghunath’s Last Class

The first time I took a class with Raghunath, sometime in 2003 I believe, it was immediately apparent to me that there was something very special about his teaching style. What other yoga teacher shows up with a harmonium and sings Indian devotional songs before launching into an hour and a half of hardcore, sweat-til-you-almost-pass-out asanas? I’ve … Continue reading

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Lululemon Beverly Hills Event Tomorrow (10/19)

Lululemon Athletica in Beverly Hills recently had to shut down because of a massive flood. They are reopened now, and, in celebration of surviving the flood, they are having an event tomorrow from 10-7. It’s also their one-year anniversary celebration. There will be refreshments and live entertainment. I’ll be there from noon until about 1:00PM doing … Continue reading