What the heck is this website? Om Shanti is a blog about all things yoga. Newer students and experienced yogis/yoginis may find topics of potential interest here.

Who the heck are you? I’m Eugene, aka Ekachakra, a guy who does yoga in Chicago, IL.

Do you teach yoga anywhere? Not right now. I used to teach at Bloomington Power Yoga (now Mukti Yoga) in Bloomington, IN, Yoga Groove in North Hollywood, and Super Soul Yoga in West L.A.

Can I post comments on your blog? Yes! Any and all comments are welcome. You can comment even if you are not a registered user on WordPress.

Can I be a guest blogger? Ok, if you really want to. Send me an email and tell me about yourself. It would be preferable, of course, if you actually did some yoga.

What does Om Shanti mean? “Om” has no literal meaning. Some say it is the sound of the universe, infinity, the divine, or something like that. “Shanti” means simply “peace”.

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