Om Shanti is a blog dedicated to a wide range of topics concerning yoga. Here you will find yoga product reviews, demonstration videos, yoga news, random musings, and other yoga related stuff.

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  2. I have been lurking about your site for some time now. Although one does have to be a bit careful to type in the url just so, your blog’s served as a great yogic primer and the article links shared are always appreciated. Hoping you (someone, anyone?) can help me again by recommending a good translation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras? I’m looking for something real.

    Thus far:
    Georg Feuerstein’s looks to be the front running possibility.
    Wasn’t really feeling Satchidananda and Roach’s translations/formats from the limited views on Amazon.
    My public library had an interesting version, by Taimni titled, The Science of Yoga, first edition 1961; but, I’d love more direct translation, less commentary.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Hi, just been doing yoga about 4 months and really enjoying it. I stumbled upon this website and looked through your photo album – the pictures were amazing. It definitely made me want to keep practicing so one day, maybe I can successfully do some of the more complex poses you displayed. Congrats on your yoga talent and thanks for the neat blog.

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