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Guest Blogger: Aseem Giri

Om Shanti: A Yoga Blog is excited to welcome a new guest blogger to the site, Aseem Giri. Over the coming weeks and months, Aseem will be sharing his thoughts on a wide range of topics related to the business of yoga, business as yoga, and other ways in which yoga and business intersect.

Yoga in America has undoubtedly become a very commercial enterprise. Some would say that the melding of yoga and commerce has corrupted yoga beyond recognition. Others believe that yoga and commerce are not necessarily at odds, and can in fact complement one another. The principles of yoga ethics, for instance, could help guide a business person to make decisions that create profits while respecting the environment, labor, and the community. One might even argue that yoga and business need to be more intertwined, not less.

Aseem is uniquely qualified to write about these various intersections of business and yoga. His contributions to the yoga community, and his efforts to create a more sustainable yoga mat, align business practices with yoga-inspired mindfulness. I’m looking forward to reading Assem’s articles on Om Shanti, and I’m confident readers of the blog will enjoy his insights as much as I do.

Aseem Giri
Aseem is the founder and CEO of KharmaKhare, Inc., an innovative company in California making yoga mats from recycled rubber tires. His prior experience includes private equity investing, investment banking, and managing companies. After working his way up to Partner in a private equity fund, he left to launch his own private equity fund, backed by investors from Southeast Asia. 
Two-and-a-half years ago, Aseem left his private equity efforts behind in order to tend to his son’s health. He launched KharmaKhare once his son showed signs of recovery. His passion for yoga was sparked as a direct result of seeking a way to find balance and equipose; it gets fed every time he steps on a mat. Aseem’s ambition is to be fluent in Ashtanga and the man at the center of a five-person AcroYoga pose. He is also a passionate writer with three published novels. His writing is now focused on non-fiction pieces.

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