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Yoga For Men on Yahoo!

I just stumbled upon this goofy video on Yahoo! this morning. The title of the five-minute video is “Mansomest Stretch: Yoga,” and it seems to be part of an ongoing series called Mansome: The Guide to Being a Man, created by none other than Morgan Spurlock (director of Super Size Me). This particular video pitches yoga to men and gives them the a-okay to do it, reassuring us manly men that yoga is “not just for girls.”

Normally, something like this would set me off on yet another rant about the gendering of yoga in this country. But after reading some of the user comments posted after this video, I just want to throw my hands up and give up altogether. Here’s a choice example: “[Yoga] is not just for the ladies, it’s also for the gays.”



3 thoughts on “Yoga For Men on Yahoo!

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