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So, I’m not sure what to make of this, but I’ve been seeing something called Yoga Rave Chicago being advertised all around town. I have a vague but growing interest in attending, especially since it’s going to be in Logan Square, where I currently live. After looking at the website, I discovered that the event is being run by The Art of Living Foundation.

I remember this organization from my days of running Bloomington Power Yoga. On several occasions, someone from this organization contacted me about advertising an upcoming course they were running in town. When I looked at the details of the course, however, I was shocked at the price tag (hundreds upon hundreds of dollars…), and felt uncomfortable stumping for an organization I knew nothing about.

According to several online sources (including the ever reliable Wikipedia…), The Art of Living is the world’s largest volunteer-based, humanitarian and educational NGO. Somehow I have no idea who they are. Perhaps I am the world’s biggest ignoramus, but I find it strange that I have not really heard of this organization before. Also adding to my unease is a disturbing website by an ex-member of The Art of Living, along with other rumblings on the web that this organization is a cult of some sort.

Just to be clear, though, my comments are not meant to suggest that I believe this is a sketchy organization. And I suspect that a Yoga rave would be absolutely awesome. (It’s actually occurred to me, on more than one occasion, that yoga class is a lot like a rave — sweaty bodies writhing around to music and getting high!). Before attending what looks to be a cool event, though, I am definitely going to do a bit of research to find out some more about this organization.

The date of the Chicago event is happening Friday, October 19th, 7pm-midnight, at the Logan Square Auditorium. Groupon is running a deal right now: $11 off a Yoga Rave Chicago ticket.


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