Digital Asana Project

Yoga Videos: Re-Posting Everything

I’ve gotten a number of emails from people asking why the video links no longer work for any of my Digital Asana Project videos. Here’s the problem. Google used to have something called Google Video, and I had all my videos uploaded with them. Then, they gave up on Google Video and bought a little website called YouTube. So when they shut down Google Video, I migrated all my videos over to YouTube. But then I never went back and re-linked my old posts to the new videos. Thus, lots of dead links.

Long story short, I’ve procrastinated for far too long and have finally resolved to re-link everything so you can now see the demo videos once again. Over the next few weeks, I will re-post these old demo videos one at a time. Keep in mind that many of these videos were made several years ago, so I do not necessarily do these things anymore in my own practice. Also, my re-posting of these videos is not in any way meant to be encouragement for you to try these poses and transitions. Quite a few of them are dangerous and could result in serious injury. And the vast majority of them are “advanced” and should not be attempted by anyone new or newer to yoga. If you really want to learn how to do “acro yoga“-type stuff, go to a workshop or practice with a knowledgable teacher.


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