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Bloomington Power Yoga is now Mukti Yoga

Bloomington Power Yoga is now Mukti Yoga. The new website is

Classes will still be held in the same space (Blooming Lotus above Roots), and all class packages with Bloomington Power Yoga are valid with Mukti Yoga.

There’ve been a lot of changes at Bloomington Power Yoga over the past year, including the departure of most of the original teachers. Susan, Rusty, and I have all stopped teaching, but Kelly will continue on, and there are now several new and wonderful teachers who have joined the mix. The new name, Mukti Yoga, means “liberation” yoga, and is intended to reflect the various changes at the studio. Please support the new teachers and help the community to thrive and grow!

– Eugene


2 thoughts on “Bloomington Power Yoga is now Mukti Yoga

  1. The basic sequence is a beginners practice. picThe poses chosen are simple and essential and the technique to practice is performed in an easy way.

    The purpose of this sequence is not to develop the difficulty of the practice but rather to become grounded in the quality of practice. We will focus on alignment and symmetry both within the poses and in the transitions between poses.

    Teaching this sequence opens up the possibility of making yoga practice accessible to the uninitiated. the modifications allow for a deep and comforting experience. This is yoga you can teach to your own mother.

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