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Yoga for “Big People”

Here’s an interesting piece in the NY Times about yoga for “big people” (that’s their term, not mine).


2 thoughts on “Yoga for “Big People”

  1. I’m glad more folks of a certain size are coming out of the closet with yoga. You don’t have to do extreme poses to get the benefit of yoga. In fact my teacher, Swami Satchidananda said it was more important to stand on your own two feet than to stand on your head! Big Yoga is a program based on Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga, that’s adapted for the larger body. New book, Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies, will be out soon, with Square One Publishers.

  2. The neurasthenic skinny types and the Lululemon-clad snoots took over yoga worse than whoever hijacked the aerobics of my day. Back in the day normal students had been warned of the “animal class” – and those were some tough calisthenics. There was no rough equivalent of “child’s pose” … we just let ourselves fall behind. And let ourselves fall, period, without being made to look like a jackass by the teacher.

    When a beginner’s class includes crow, headstand, upward facing bow, wide legged tripod headstand, and the occasional drop down back bend thrown in, is it any wonder that even some size 8 or 10 and not a plus size, longs for something normal?

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