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Yoga Studio Review: Balance Yoga (Atlanta)

The following is a studio review from a yogi in Atlanta:

Balance Yoga, located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, is a wonderful yoga studio for practitioners of ashtanga, power and vinyasa flow yoga. I initially came to Balance Yoga rather accidentally; it offered the style of yoga I prefer and it was located relatively close to where I work. After my first class, I was hooked.

This is no corporate studio looking for ways to extract ever greater amounts of money from its students by offering an endless stream of workshops and retreats. (Manju Jois recently visited for a week of Ashtanga workshops and classes, and he will return again in the summer, but as far as I know that was the only such event offered in the last six months.) Nor does it have much in the way of merchandise for sale. There are a few essentials like Manduka mats, bottled water and yoga pants available for purchase, but one is not overwhelmed by a plethora of products. Balance Yoga is obviously a yoga studio first and foremost, not a yoga store that happens to offer yoga classes, as so many corporate yoga studios seem to be these days.

Classes tend to be small, but the students are clearly as dedicated to the practice as the teachers, who you will frequently see taking each other’s classes. The studio offers a regular beginners’ series, as most of their regular classes run from intermediate to advanced. There are also daily Mysore classes for those who prefer that approach. I have taken and enjoyed a wide range of classes and styles from many of the teachers. The power classes taught by Shannon offer a sweaty and challenging flow rooted in the ashtanga practice. This class provides the perfect, and often elusive, blend of a challenging strength-building class with an intense cardio workout. The “Heat, Hips and Flow” class taught by Jennifer is another excellent blend of vinyasa and ashtanga with an emphasis on hip-opening asanas. Meredith’s vinyasa class is also excellent. If you prefer to practice Ashtanga, either led or Mysore classes, Marsha is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher with a beautiful practice.

The highest praise I can give any yoga studio is to say that it offers classes that rival those I took in Los Angeles during my six years there. I can honestly say that Balance Yoga comes the closest. If you yearn for a small studio owned and run by serious yoga teachers who teach challenging, thoughtful classes, then Balance Yoga Atlanta is for you.

4 thoughts on “Yoga Studio Review: Balance Yoga (Atlanta)

  1. I loved reading this review. I’ve practice at this studio on and off for the last 3-4 years.
    The owners and teachers are so kind, helpful and very dedicated to their own growth.
    I am so happy to see other comments mirror my own feelings.
    I’ve tried many studios in Georgia and by far the vibe and feeling in this studio feel like home!

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