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The Truth About Stretching

This recent article in the NY Times has some interesting information about about stretching. The old and persistent myth is that stretching out before exercising is a good thing. Apparently, though, static stretching really isn’t so great for your body, and it may even make the muscles less able for athletic performance, and more vulnerable to injury. The good news is that dynamic stretching is very good for you, and it’s the new trend in pre-athletics warm-up, especially among professional athletes.

Check out the video at the end of the article. There’s a good demo and explanation of dynamic stretching.

After reading this article, I was surprised to find that the author didn’t mention yoga even once! Vinyasa Flow in particular is a lot like the dynamic stretching that the guy demonstrates in his video. And the pictures on the side margin of the article are all basically yoga poses. In fact, I’d argue that this article and video are essentially promoting yoga, without evening knowing it!

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