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Yoga Tunes: Kodomo

I’ve recently been playing some more Kodomo in my yoga classes. If you enjoyed Om Yoga Mix 2 CD, which I reviewed several weeks ago, there’s a good chance you’ll also like Kodomo’s latest CD Still Life. (Kodomo appears on the Om Yoga Mix CD, and Still Life is his first full length album.) Kodomo’s style can best be described at melodic electronica, so it’s not only suitable for yoga, but also for general chillin’ out. Comparable artists are Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Air, and Boards of Canada.

My favorite tracks on Still Life are Concept 15, Concept 13, Concept 8, and Concept 9. I believe you can listen to samples of all the tracks on Amazon.

For anyone in Bloomington who would like a complimentary copy of this CD, I have a couple of extra copies to give away. Send me an email or stop by one of my classes at Bloomington Power Yoga or Vibe Yoga Studio.

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