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Yoga Product Review: PadaPath Hemp Nonslip Eco Yoga Towel

There is a new nonslip yoga towel on the market which may be of great interest to many readers. It’s called PadaPath. The company is based out of Portland, OR, and they produce what I believe is the first all-natural, eco-friendly nonslip yoga towel. PadaPath is made from 100% hemp, and goes right over your regular yoga mat. It can be especially useful for sweaty vinyasa flow classes and “hot” yoga classes that really get you dripping wet.

As with all nonslip towels, this one may work better for some people than for others. Also, it takes a little effort to learn how to moisten the towel just right. Initially, I found myself slipping on the dry towel, but by sprinkling some water on it, I was eventually able to get the fabric to grip a lot more. Anyone who uses other nonslip towels should be pretty familiar with this pre-game ritual. It’s no different with the PadaPath, and once you find just the right level of moisture, you can create a solid nonslip surface for your yoga practice.

If it’s important to you to practice on a natural surface, this nonslip towel will be well worth it. Also, my sense is that the PadaPath is very durable, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it far outlives its synthetic fiber counterparts.

Dimensions: 70″ by 24″

Colors: Black or Natural White

Material: 100% Hemp



Pros: all natural and eco-friendly; generous size; nonslip properties

Cons: not as effective for not-so-sweaty yoga classes

Overall: A


3 thoughts on “Yoga Product Review: PadaPath Hemp Nonslip Eco Yoga Towel

  1. It looks like they keep lowering their prices as their business grows, which is really great to see. It’s still pricey but I’m willing to pay a little more for natural fibers from a sustainable plant! Thanks for sharing the review!

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