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Yoga Studio Review: One Yoga Planet, Fort Pierce, FL

The following is a studio review from Michael, a long-time reader of this blog:

I know how hard it can be to find a good yoga studio when traveling.  If you like vinyasa and ashtanga practice, and you find yourself on Florida’s Central East Cost (between W. Palm Beach and Cocoa Beach, there is a great studio in Fort Pierce.  It is owned by a superbly talented teacher , Margarida Tree; and the other teachers I’ve experienced are also very good.

I’m from upstate NY and have been a bit spoiled by excellent teachers in this city, especially at the Blue Lotus studio, where some well-known Anusara teachers are located.  For the past few years, I’ve also been spending some time in Vero Beach, FL during the winters.  Through a yoga teacher/friend I was led to One Yoga Planet… and I love this studio.

The yoga is heavily Ashtanga-based, with several Raja Ashtanga classes taught by Margarida Tree or a guy named Steve.  Margarida is all yoga… eight limbs and a very gifted teacher.  She has an open, friendly and very engaged teaching style… careful to give attention to every student.  I’ve found that she is able to read subtleties in poses as well as any teacher I’ve been around; and she is great at making adjustments that are within my reach.  Classes include chanting, pranayama, and some dhyana as well… this is a gift in today’s asana-intensive yoga environment in the USA.  As an added bonus, Margarida is a gifted guitarist/singer and occasionally graces classes with her own music.  The other teachers from OYP are very good as well, although I’m not as familiar with their styles.  I’ve enjoyed classes with Steve (Ashtanga Primary and Secondary) and Jaye (Vinyasa Flow).  I noticed at the website that there are also some non-yoga oriented classes there, including belly-dancing and drumming (I’ve not  tried either of these).

The studio is very comfortable and organic, with old, natural pine floors that creak here and there.  I love the sounds that come from practice there.  There is a beautiful hand-painted yoga tree with Eight Limbs on one wall (painted by Margarida, I’m told).  Drop-ins are welcome and classes are $15, with some discounts available as usual for multiple classes.  I’m sorry that I don’t have any photos… but there are some at the website (don’ t let this site throw you… it’s not LA!).  Directions and contact info are posted at the website.

The vibe at OYP is really open and friendly… everyone was welcoming and I have made some new friends through classes there.  I hope that anyone looking for great yoga in this area will give OYP a try.


4 thoughts on “Yoga Studio Review: One Yoga Planet, Fort Pierce, FL

  1. I too love One Yoga Planet. I live in NYC and whenever I visit my parents in Port St. Lucie, I try to stop by One Yoga Planet.. I love Margarida. She is so warm and compassionate. In January 2007, I sent this email to my yogi buds:
    Most of you already know that my family relocated to Port St. Lucie. So, I went there in December. I found a great yoga studio, called One
    Yoga Planet, located in Fort Pierce, Fl. I really liked the studio owner/teacher, Margarida Tree, her vibe was pure.. Por ejemplo, a
    student was not happy with the mat she purchased, and Margarida offered to exchange it, even though clearly she did not have to.. When I walked in the studio, she said Hi Sandy… I felt like she knew me. (I had emailed her about the schedule). And the class was great,
    clear instructions… She suggested that when you kick into handstand, we think of love, someone we love instead of fear. The
    studio also offers Capoeira, and Belly Dancing.. She also has a great gift shop.

    If you are ever in the Fort Pierce, Florida area, check her out… Plz forward to any yogi friend in the Florida area..

    Here is the link to the studio

    info about Margarida

    Margarida Tree has been a student of Yoga for 15 years and has been
    teaching for 10. She is RYT certified at the 500 level by Yoga
    Alliance & has a down to earth approach teaching a tri-doshic class incorporating asana (poses), pranayama (breath) and meditation/chanting. She has studied Kundalini, Iyengar and Vinyasa
    (Ashtanga/Jivamukti) and incorporates various styles in her practice while continuing to further her studies.

    peace and love,

  2. Please publish or email me the exact location of One Yoga Planet. I’ll ask my niece who lives in FL and a yoga fanatic to visit your studio.

  3. My experiences at Planet One were a little different…I enjoyed the vinyasa classes and as the months have gone by Margarida has reduced the number of vinyasa classes…I asked her about this and she said that vinyasa is not real yoga, that only ashtanga is real yoga…we all have a right to our opinion but I myself like some variety in my yoga practice.
    She is an excellent ashtanga teacher and the studio is a wonderful, calm, relaxing place to do yoga, but it is Extremely Ashtanga Based so be sure this is what you want…

  4. Hi. I am interesting in yoga classes. Never taken a class before. A beginning class basic.luje to pay 100.for 10 classes. Is this possible as I as much on social security thank you lauretta

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