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Injured Doing Yoga? Apparently I’m Not the Only One…

This timely article addresses the very real risk of injury from yoga, even for the seasoned practitioner.

(One woman experienced a life-threatening stroke as a result of doing Fish Pose!)

5 thoughts on “Injured Doing Yoga? Apparently I’m Not the Only One…

  1. Pretty sensible article, I thought. The thing that rings the truest from my limited experience with yoga is that the tiniest change in alignment makes all the difference in the world. I thought I had injured my wrist a while back, I could barely do down dog, I resorted to using my fists for poses instead of my palms, I used wedges, etc., this went on for about 3 weeks. But it turned out that when I changed the angle of my hands about 10%, so that my forefinger was pointing forward instead of my middle finger, the pain disappeared within 48 hours. Really crazy. And it’s never come back.

  2. Long time reader first time commenter! great blog anyhow certainly an article worth reading for anyone who is looking to become a teacher!

    I know you’ve commented on this before but I think it is worth mentioning again. Even the most physically advanced yoga practitioners can benefit from some Iyengar details. By way of example the author of the article may not have injured her neck if she had laid back over some folded blankets as Mr Iyengar instructs in the plough and shoulder stand. My yoga regime these days is largely based abound ‘power yoga’ but with some Iyengar tricks thrown in. Perhaps by cherry picking from the various paths of yoga we can work to avoid or at least mitigate injuries.


  3. A girl I work with also showed me this article. Check out my yoga blog by visiting my web site and click on “blog” in the footer navigation. I recently wrote a blog post about Bikram yoga and how it was completely against my teaching philosophy…in fact I felt like the teacher was setting me up for injury.

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