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Yoga Tunes: Om Yoga Mix 2 (presented by Cyndi Lee)

Famed NYC-based yogini Cyndi Lee has released another “Om Yoga Mix” CD. I’ve given the collection a thorough listen, and overall I’m quite happy with it. There’s an interesting and eclectic mix of different artists and styles on this CD, and (for the most part) there aren’t any of those cheesy New Age songs you tend to find on these kinds of mixes.

I especially enjoyed the following tracks:

1. Gentle Voice – Michael Hewett

4. Freeze (Yoga Mix) – Kodomo

6. Tulong – The Beyman Bros

8. Swadisthana – Vive

9. Kiss of Bliss – Steve Gorn & Jamie Lawerence

The real highlight of the CD, in my opinion, is track 7, “Hasret”, by Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

Also, if you’re a Krishna Das fan, there are two KD song’s on here for your listening pleasure.

My one complaint about the CD is that it doesn’t make for a good mix from beginning to end–i.e. the CD lacks a smooth arc that would coincide nicely with the ebbs and flows of a yoga class or self-practice session. Nevertheless, I’ll probably pick a few songs off the CD and throw them into my own yoga mixes, but I don’t think that “Om Yoga Mix 2” is the kind of CD you can just throw and on let play from start to finish, at least not for a yoga class.

Overall: B+ Good CD for background music in a studio or relaxing at home; several good songs, potentially, to thrown on a mix for yoga class or self-practice.

One thought on “Yoga Tunes: Om Yoga Mix 2 (presented by Cyndi Lee)

  1. I find it challenging to find a yoga mix Cd that I like so I really enjoyed reading your review. I’ve recently picked up Yoga One, a really great yoga mix for a yoga flow class. Raina –

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