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Are Your Muscles Healthy?

This article in the NY Times addresses an important question that may be of special interest to yogis: What is the relationship between physical fitness and muscle bulk?

The general/popular belief seems to be that bulging muscles are healthy, and that smaller muscles are less healthy. I know some anxious yogis who still lift weights (despite advice to the contrary) because they believe that doing yoga alone does not help them to “bulk up” enough. Part of this thinking is true–You in fact won’t build Incredible Hulk muscles from doing yoga. But why think this is necessarily a bad thing?

Interestingly, this article claims that “bulk does not matter” when it comes to muscle health. And there seems to be a growing body of research to support this claim. This doesn’t strike me as all that surprising, though, especially when I look at older yogis who are neither bulked up nor sculpted, but who are nonetheless very strong, agile, flexible, and who look, feel, act years younger than their actual age.


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