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The Love Guru

Mike Myers is coming out with a new film called “The Love Guru” on June 20th. In the film, Mike Myers plays a kind of spiritual guru, and, of course, the movie is a comedy. The film is already stirring up some controversy because of its portrayal of Hindus and Hinduism. I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t (yet) comment either way, but I’ll put up a more complete review of the film when it’s out. In the meantime, check out “The Love Guru” at his official website and on YouTube.

For a good laugh, check out Mike Myers doing yoga poses on “The Love Guru” website. Not bad form, but I think he could use a few pointers on “softening his face” and breathing through his nose instead of his mouth.


One thought on “The Love Guru

  1. The website is a good time. It’s always good to interject a little humor into what we take so seriously.

    The names for the Asanas are great! I like “angry hobo stealing pie” pose – I wish I could get my legs around like that.

    Isn’t Deepak going to be in the film? I think he’s suppose to play the rival ashram leader.

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