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You Got Hurt Doing WHAT?

When I hurt my wrist last year and had to have my entire forearm casted, a lot of people asked me “What happened to you?” And when I answered, “I hurt myself doing yoga,” they would laugh and think I was joking.

The truth of the matter is that certain types of yoga are probably just as vigorous and physically demanding as similar activities, such as gymnastics. This recent article points to the high rate/risk of injury in gymnastics, and the physical toll it takes on one’s body. I bet if a similar study were done of people who do, say, Ashtanga yoga and/or vinyasa flow, we’d discover a similarly high rate/risk of injury.

In some forms of yoga, and for certain people with certain body types, the primary risk of injury in yoga is from over stretching or pulling something. But as you advance in your yoga practice, or if you practice one of the more vigorous and physically demanding types of yoga, it is important to realize going into it that yoga can be dangerous. So take care, always make sure not to push your body beyond its limits, and recognize that what your body is capable of may vary from day to day.


3 thoughts on “You Got Hurt Doing WHAT?

  1. it’s certainly better for you to approach certain asanas slowly, letting your body tell you what it’s ready for and what it’s not, as opposed to trying to let your expectations of a practice dictate what you should be able to do.

    I learned this the hard way – having to back off Padmasana when i realised my hips simply weren’t ready yet, and my right ankle and left knee were paying the price for it.

    Good post, E!

  2. this is so true! yoga can be so demanding on the body.. how did you hurt your arm? :/
    and do you think sirsasana can be dangerous?

  3. I certainly think sirsasana can be dangerous, and I am still shy of doing it. At the rate I am going, I do not care if I never get into it. But it’s not like I give up trying. Not that my current yoga teachers–to a person, young enough to be my children–like it either. But if you want my patronage, you suck it up.

    They are from this ubiquitous pushy power yoga school that pretends it teaches vinyasa just to get customers into the door. Needless to say, I might just rejoin a gym and ditch the studio altogether soon.

    My worst yoga injury happened 6 years ago. I popped my right hip out of joint doing upavistha konasana (teaching myself in the living room); luckily, it healed on its own. I’d gotten competitive with myself. My hip had been in pain for 5 weeks. (It would be years before I again got myself a yoga teacher.) I am now over 55 years of age.

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