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Yoga Product Review: RoZCoo

There’s a new line of yoga related products coming out of New York that some readers might enjoy. It’s called RoZCoo.

Besides having a really cool name, RoZCoo makes some beautiful products, especially their yoga mat bags. Today, I’m going to review both of their mat bags: the Ahimsa Yoga Bag and the Santosha Yoga Bag.

Ahimsa Yoga Bag: This mat bag is classy in design, simple, and, despite appearances, totally free of animal products. It comes in two colors: Coffee and Sage. At $95, it’s perhaps a little pricey for a yoga mat bag, but not any more expensive than those handmade silk yoga bags you see at the local yoga studio. One problem with this bag is a lack of storage space. If you have a smallish yoga mat, though, you can probably fit your mat and maybe even a little clothing in this bag. If you have a Manduka, though, forget it. I can’t even get either of my Manduka mats (the eKO or the Black Mat) into this bag, let alone clothes or anything else.

Santosha Yoga Bag: This is the sportier of the two designs. This bag comes in red and blue, and, at $85, it’s a little cheaper than the Ahimsa Yoga Bag. It also has considerably more carrying space. There is a little pocket for your cell phone, another little pocket for a water bottle, and an additional security pocket for some other stuff, like a wallet or cash. But, again, like the Ahimsa bag, this one is too small to fit the standard Manduka mats.

Overall: B-

I love the way these bags look. Unfortunately, there are two serious problems with these yoga bags. First, and most importantly, neither my Manduka Black Mat or my Manduka eKO mats fits into either of these bags. The second major problem is that there is not enough room in these bags to carry all my yoga junk. When I go to a yoga class, I need a towel, a change of clothes, my Yogitoes, sometimes a water bottle, my wrist guard, in addition to my keys, cell phone, and wallet. There’s really nowhere to put all this stuff into either of these RoZCoo yoga bags. Of course, some of my concerns may not matter to other yogis. For instance, if you use a smaller mat than a Manduka, a RoZCoo bag might work perfectly well for you.

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