Please Stop Stealing My Blog

I’ve been growing increasingly distressed over the past months as I’ve discovered more and more websites that are stealing content from my blog. The people responsible for these sites are taking my articles and reposting them on their own blogs, and pretending that they are the original authors of what I’ve written.

I know that most people who are doing this are doing it to make money off Google advertisements, and that they don’t mean any ill will towards me specifically. Nonetheless, this is upsetting to me for a number of reasons. First of all, I feel as if my work and my website are being used/exploited in a very disrespectful way. None of these people has asked my permission (and I doubt that any of them really have any moral qualms about what they are doing). Also, I’m upset because, from the very first day I started this blog, I made a conscious decision to keep it 100% free of commercial interests. I don’t make any money off this blog, although I easily could, and I certainly never intended anyone else to make money off it either.

If you’re one of the people stealing my blog’s content for your own financial benefit, please stop. Thanks.

And if you’re reading this posting somewhere other than Om Shanti: A Yoga Blog, please be aware that this site is the original, and that the one you are reading is likely a fraudulent site set up solely for the purpose of getting you to click on one of those annoying Google advertisements on the side of the screen.


3 thoughts on “Please Stop Stealing My Blog

  1. Eugene~ What a shame that anyone would steal your content. The blog is so intelligent and reflects your personalized realizations. That it its greatest benefit to those who enjoy it. I guess the dark side of being open is that some may abuse it.
    It’s their karma…
    Thanks for the blog. m

  2. Om Shanti,

    Google knows who the original author is. Since you post your original content first, your website will gain any age equity your great content will accrue.
    Some bloggers can only dream of having their content stolen, for others it is their sole intention. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Let it go. Having a blog is all about spreading the word. Yours is a good one. I wish more and more people will read it. Thanks.


  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. I agree, there’s not all that much I can do about people stealing my blog’s content. And I guess I should take it as something of a compliment that what I write is even worth stealing!

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