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Lululemon Beverly Hills Event Tomorrow (10/19)

Lululemon Athletica in Beverly Hills recently had to shut down because of a massive flood. They are reopened now, and, in celebration of surviving the flood, they are having an event tomorrow from 10-7. It’s also their one-year anniversary celebration.

There will be refreshments and live entertainment. I’ll be there from noon until about 1:00PM doing yoga demonstrations in the store window as a sort of living mannequin. Come check it out! The address is 334 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, just north of Wilshire. (Free parking across the street for one hour in the public garage.)


2 thoughts on “Lululemon Beverly Hills Event Tomorrow (10/19)

  1. Hi- I follow your blog because I appreciate your thoughts on yoga philosophy. I wonder what you make of other connection of yoga (via lulumon) to the landmark forum. I was somewhat surprised to read that you’re doing a demonstration there.

  2. Hi Andrea. Thanks for your post. I don’t know all that much about the Landmark Forum, but, overall, I am uncomfortable with supporting Lululemon and their products because of the many controversial and distasteful things that have been said by Lululemon’s CEO and founder Chip Wilson.

    Just for the record, I ended not doing the demonstration at their store. And the main reason I agreed to do it in the first place was to pass out flyers to promote Super Soul Yoga.

    Your comment, however, has made me revisit some of my reservations about the company, mostly regarding its owner, and I think in the future that I will probably decline any offers to wear, demo, or promote their products.

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