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Yoga Product Review: MSEAT by Yogitoes

The mSEAT by Yogitoes is a meditation pillow that is slightly angled in order to provide better support and alignment during meditation. Unfortunately, I have to say, Yogitoes really missed the mark with this product.

Although well intentioned, the mSEAT is in fact not so great for meditation for the following reasons. The construction is quite flimsy, much to my surprise. I’m used to sitting on very “meaty” or substantial meditation pillows, but the mSEAT is way too light and soft for me (it’s filled with polyurethane foam). This might be just a matter of personal preference, but I suspect that just about anyone who uses this product will find the same sort of problems that I did. Most importantly, because of the lightweight and flimsy construction, when I sat on the mSEAT the front edge got smashed down while the back side even lifted slightly off the ground. This, of course, made for what felt like a very unstable seat for meditation.

Granted, I didn’t feel at any time that I was going to fall or slide off the mSEAT. But no matter what sorts of adjustments I made, I never could get comfortable on it because I never felt properly “rooted”.

There are some good ideas behind the mSEAT. For instance, many people who meditate to like to be at a slight angle, and they do like to elevate their hips higher than the knees in order to promote good blood flow during long periods of sitting. The mSEAT fails to deliver, however, and I think that a traditional meditation pillow (filled with something heavy but pliable like buckwheat) is still the best way to go for meditation.


I hate to bash a Yogitoes product so badly, since I have enjoyed so many of their innovative and helpful yoga products in the past. But the mSEAT does not meet the mark, either in terms of functionality or quality, and I’d recommend sticking to a traditional meditation seat.

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