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Goodbye Bloomington!

This is a few days overdue, but I wanted to post a goodbye message to all my students at Bloomington Power Yoga. It’s been a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to share my practice with everyone, and, by the mercy of my own teachers, I’m happy to have been able to transmit the yoga I’ve learned onto some other students and teachers in a different part of the country. I know that the three teachers taking over my classes — Rusty, Susan, and Kelly — will do a great job of keeping the spirit of the classes alive in my absence.

Over the course of the last school year and the summer, I taught 6 or 7 classes a week, and had the great fortune of meeting some wonderful people and even making a few friends. In particular, Karen and Jeff have been tremendous supporters and the two of them alone are probably responsible for bringing half the students to my classes. I’m of course grateful for every single student who attended any of my classes during the past year, but I’d like to especially thank Kelly, Rusty, Susan, Allison, Monique, Emily, Stephanie, Kristin, Matt, Ruth, Joyce, Denise, and Mimi for their continued support and practice.

It’s always a strange thing to lose something intangible. After teaching my last Bloomington Power Yoga class, I definitely felt as if I were losing something very important to me, but something that was nonetheless difficult to define, hold, or even understand. I have tried to remind myself, though, that loss is really a state of mind, and that we are never really in a position to possess anything, at least not in any sort of permanent way. The fact that my classes at Bloomington Power Yoga have come to a temporary and potentially even permanent end has been cause for some feelings of sorrow, but I’m trying instead to use this transition as a period to celebrate and appreciate what the experience of teaching has meant for me and for my students.


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