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Yoga Tunes: Air

My Yoga Tunes recommendation this time is a pretty obvious one: Air. If you’re unfamiliar with Air, it’s time to get with the program. Air is a French electronic music duo with 5 studio albums out. Each album is great in its own right. If you’ve taken yoga classes where the teacher plays music, you’ve almost certainly heard some Air thrown into the mix.

Most of Air’s music is a really great fit for yoga. They are best classified as electronic music, but don’t be fooled by this label. Their songs tend to be a lot more complex and subtle than your typical thumping bass house music that you hear at the clubs. Air’s music ranges from almost symphonic at times to light and dreamy at other times. Think Lemon Jelly chilled out a little bit. One way to describe Air’s music is atmospheric/psychedelic instrumental electronic. That’s a mouthful, but I think it gets at their style more or less.

My two favorite Air albums are Talkie Walkie and Moon Safari. There is also a new album out called Pocket Symphony, but I haven’t heard enough of it yet to comment on it. The soundtrack they did for the film The Virgin Suicides is probably my least favorite album, and the songs on that album are probably the least appropriate of all their songs for a yoga class. If you’re just getting started with Air, I’d say start with Talkie Walkie. The following tracks are great, both for listening and for yoga: “Universal Traveler”, “Run”, “Venus”, “Mike Mills”, and “Alone in Kyoto”.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Tunes: Air

  1. I will definitely check out Air…But I thought I’d share about 2 CDs I just got. Swedish electronica artist NAID came out with a CD called Varanasi. And there is an interfaith CD called Sacred Blessings with sings handpicked by inspirational speaker Anthony Robbins. Check them out at

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