Yoga Los Angeles

I Need a Job!

I’m moving back to Los Angeles in mid-August, and am now officially starting my search for yoga teaching jobs in the greater Los Angeles area. I’m willing to teach classes at a studio, gym, or other similar sort of place, and I’m also available to do private lessons. If any readers of Om Shanti have job leads or can make a referral, I’d really appreciate it. I can be reached at eugene [at] bloomingtonpoweryoga [dot] com.

I have references from some well-known LA-area yoga teachers, as well as past and present students of mine. The only potential hang-up is that I’m not “certified” (but I plan to be by the end of the year). My teaching style and practice are pretty well captured within this site, in my Digital Asana Project videos, the Bloomington Power Yoga website, my Manduka Ambassador profile, and my Flikr photos. I can also provide a short online video demo of my teaching for anyone interested.

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