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Going Back to Cali

After weeks, maybe months, of agonizing over this, I’ve finally decided to move back to California in order to take some teacher training programs and to get some experience teaching yoga in a larger market. My plan right now is to leave Indiana sometime mid to late August. I will continue running all of my Bloomington Power Yoga classes throughout the summer, and I have two excellent yogis lined up to take over my teaching when I leave. Any pre-paid class packages will carry over and will be valid with these teachers.

It was certainly not easy for me to make this decision to go back to California, especially since I’ve had such a wonderful time teaching here in Bloomington. I’ll miss my students here tremendously, and I hope to give them a good show for these last few months together. I’m still leaving the door open to come back — my PhD program here at IU expects me back in a year — but I can’t make any predictions about the future since, as far as I can tell, fortune-telling is not one of the skills that I’ve developed as a yogi. One thing I can say with great certainty, however, is that my time here in Bloomington has changed me in significant ways as a person and as a yogi, and the many great people I’ve met here deserve much of the credit for that. It will be really sad for me to say goodbye to the yoga community here, but I’m also looking forward to being reunited with my LA yoga friends, whom I’ve been missing very much for this past year.


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