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Torn Ligament in Wrist…

I finally went to an orthopedic doctor today, and he’s tentatively guessing that I have a torn ligament in my right wrist. This would explain the on-going pain in my wrist, and the specific nature of the pain. I’ll be having an MRI tomorrow to find out exactly what is happening. X-Rays of my wrist have come back negative, so the most likely explanation of the persistent pain, according to my doctor, is a torn ligament. The two possible treatments are surgery or immobilization of the wrist joint. In either case, my yoga practice will certainly be affected pretty dramatically for a while. I’ve already been making some considerable alterations to my practice, and, as readers of this blog have probably noticed, it’s been some time since I’ve done any new Digital Asana Project videos, mainly because I can’t do anything on my hands right now. Surgery and/or immobilization of my wrist will almost guarantee that I won’t be doing any more videos for some time.

While I’m recovering, though, I’ll try to recruit one or two yogis in town to do some more Digital Asana Project videos for the blog. I hope also to comment some more on the process of dealing with an injury. From what I’ve experienced in the yoga world, just about everyone who practices a physically intense form of yoga will, at some point or other, suffer from some kind of serious injury. This fact just reinforces for me the importance of good alignment, moderation, and checking your ego at the door. We yogis often push our bodies to the limit, and beyond, and don’t know how to restrain ourselves until we are forced to do so by injury. I hope to recover fully from this injury, but, more importantly, I hope to learn from the experience and to incorporate what I learn into my practice and into my teaching.


7 thoughts on “Torn Ligament in Wrist…

  1. Dear Maja Zilh

    I am a ballet teacher with the same problem as you. After 7 months of on and off pain in my wrist the doctors have finally diagnosis a small tear in a ligament. I am devastated at the thought of an operation. I found a Vitafon Vibro-acustic apparatus, but they have three different kinds. Could you tell me the mark or exact name of the machine you used? I would be grateful for any other info you could send me .


    Glenn Mather

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