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Yoga Tunes: Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar is the daughter of the famous sitar player Ravi Shankar. I picked up her album Rise (2005) for $2 at a Goodwill store in Santa Monica, and since then, various songs off this CD have repeatedly made their way into my yoga mixes. Shankar’s music is a blend of traditional Indian music with some more modern flair (apparently, Anoushka is a big fan of electronic music). This is, at least for me, the perfect sort of music for the yoga classes that I teach, which tend to be a blend of traditional Ashtanga poses with a more modern and perhaps distinctly American twist on the yoga practice.

I particularly enjoy tracks 1, 4, and 6 on Rise for doing yoga, although all of the tracks are great in my opinion. I can’t say whether or not any of Shankar’s other recordings are worth picking up (Rise has received the most praise, from what I can tell), but it’s definitely at least worth picking up this one album to add to your music collection.


One thought on “Yoga Tunes: Anoushka Shankar

  1. woah…i tried to access this site from memory. who wouldn’t remember the smooth name “yoga is for lovers” ahem, i forgot the “wordpress” part and i don’t suggest investigating that route if you haven’t already. especially if XXX doesn’t mark your spot! however, here i am again back to the music, anoushka shankar. i volunteer at WFHB and program a radio show from 11pm-1am on monday nights. Ms. Shankar and her father both live here (the station library) in their digital forms and i’m totally excited to play her tonight. thanks again for inspiring the will to move and tune!
    peace in, peace out!!!

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