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New Website: Bloomington Power Yoga

I’ve finally launched my new website to start promoting my yoga classes at Blooming Lotus here in Bloomington, Indiana. The site is still under construction, but feel free to check it out and give me any feedback. I’m trying to keep it simple, mostly because I have no web design skills and wouldn’t even know how to make a fancy website if I wanted to.

Incidentally, I did agonize over whether or not to refer to the kind of yoga I do as “power yoga”. The term carries some potentially un-yogic connotations, and I really was reluctant to use it. But the alternative term, vinyasa flow yoga, seems to mislead a lot of people because (a) newer yogis tend to have no idea what the words “vinyasa” and/or “flow” mean, and (b) so many teachers and studios use the term vinyasa flow, and for such a wide range of classes, that the term has almost become meaningless. So, in the end, I opted for “power yoga” because it does capture to some degree the flavor of the kind of yoga I’m doing/teaching, and without all the confusion.


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