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Yoga in Schools

Thanks to my friend and fellow yogi, Matt C., for pointing me to this article about yoga in public schools.


2 thoughts on “Yoga in Schools

  1. To be perfectly honest, I think that some of the concerns that these Christian fundamentalist parents have about yoga being a kind of religion are not totally unfounded. I do think it is possible, however, to teach the asanas stripped of any religious overtones. This has in fact been my own personal approach to teaching yoga so far. After all, in my opinion, the true “spirituality” of yoga is in the activity of challenging the mind and senses through an intense physical and mental workout. There’s no need to shroud yoga in a cloud of holier-than-thou religiosity, Eastern mysticism, New Age jargon, or anything like that. Indeed, I think a lot of this “spirituality” stuff that gets associated with yoga is pure nonsense, making yoga inaccessible to many, and making a caricature out of the practice. I’m glad, in a way, that in order to teach yoga in public schools, yoga teachers have had to steer clear of anything remotely religious in nature. To me, this is the way to teach real, unadulterated, raw, pure yoga, but more on that next time.

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