Yoga Tunes

Yoga Tunes: Tristeza

A friend introduced me to Tristeza a few months ago, but I never really gave them a good listen until this week. Boy was I missing out.

Tristeza hails from San Diego, and they fall solidly into that “post-rock” category that I am so fond of. Their music is best described as psychedelic instrumental with a pensive but optimistic flavor. In other words, they wrote the soundtrack for distant gazing. Of course, this kind of music is perfect for yoga.

Two standout songs so far have been “Auroura Borealis” and “A Little Distance.” But I haven’t yet listened to all of Tristeza’s albums, so I can’t give very good suggestions on which CDs to pick up. Pretty much everything I’ve heard so far has been good, though, so I can’t imagine that you’ll go wrong if you just pick one of their CDs at random and pop it into your stereo. If you liked my previous recommendations of Boards of Canada and Explosions in the Sky, you’ll probably like Tristeza as well.

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