Yoga Bloomington

Two New Yoga Classes

I’m back in Bloomington for the spring semester, and I’ve decided to start up two new yoga classes at the Midland Yoga Center. The first class will be an all-levels vinyasa flow class that will meet every Sunday from 6:00-7:30. I’ll offer a variety of asana modifications so that people of all experience levels can get something out of it. After each class we will be serving up some delicious, made-from-scratch yogi tea (which, I am convinced, is the nectar of the gods) and I’ll hang around for half and hour or so for questions, comments, feedback, or general smoozing. The class will be structured roughly as follows:

1. 10 minutes of warm up, often including some pranayama and meditation
2. 50 minutes of flow
3. 10 minutes of inversions
4. 10 minutes of back bends
5. 10 minutes of pranayama and/or meditation

If you want to attend the Sunday vinyasa flow class, just show up. No pre-registration is required. The cost per class is $10, or you can purchase a 8-class pass or a monthly unlimited pass.

The second class I will be offering is a guided 15-week program geared specfically towards those who are newer to yoga, but who have at least a basic foundation of physical fitness upon which to build. This program will be limited to just 6 people, and will cost a one-time fee of $75. (If there is enough demand, I may form two groups of 6 people.) Included in the price will be one 2-hour yoga session per week, which will be far more instructional and personalized in nature than the Sunday night flow class.

The style of yoga that I’ll be teaching in both classes is vinyasa flow, aka power yoga or freestyle Ashtanga. You can learn more about this style of yoga here.

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