Yoga Tunes

Yoga Tunes: DeVotchKa

DeVotchKa is an indie rock group from Denver. They have a very unique sound for an American rock band, utilizing a wide array of non-traditional instruments, including the theremin, accordion, upright bass, sousaphone, and bouzouki. The lead singer, Nick Urata, adds to this eclectic mix an operetic voice that sounds like what I imagine Jeff Buckley might have sounded like if he had tried to be an opera singer. If you’re into intense, dramatic, uplifting, cinematic music for your yoga practice (great for Surya B’s, I think), then you might like to try out Devotchka.

One song in particular that I recommend is “How it Ends”, which was prominently featured in the trailer for the movie Everything is Illuminated and which is also featured on the soundtrack for the film Little Miss Sunshine. I also highly recommend “Til the End of Time” and “You Love Me”, both on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.


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