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Yoga Product Review: Manduka PurpleLite Travel Mat

The 71″ Manduka PurpleLite Travel Mat is lighter and less “meaty” than the original Black Mat. The Travel Mat weighs roughly 4 pounds and comes in just one color, purple. It is 3/16″ thick and 24″ wide, making it noticeably thinner and narrower than the Manduka Black Mat.

The Good: Solid, reliable Manduka construction. I expect this mat to last for quite a while.

The Bad: Not really what I would call a travel mat. It’s still pretty heavy, and it’ll probably take up a lot of space in your suitcase, if you can even get it in there. Also, the mat doesn’t seem as dense as the Black Mat, and it has a little give that I’m not used to and don’t really like, not after using the Black Mat for the past 8 months.

Overall: A-

This mat is great, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re going to spend the money on a Manduka, you may as well spend a few extra bucks and get the 71″ Black Mat. Or, if your aim is to get a travel mat, get something else that is actually more conducive to traveling. (e.g. I once had this mat that was constructed out of a soft, sticky, mesh-like material that was perfect for traveling, and it could be folded up like a blanket, making it much easier to pack. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get this mat anymore, or what the brand name was. I hope someone out there knows and will share the info with us!)

7 thoughts on “Yoga Product Review: Manduka PurpleLite Travel Mat

  1. Super-late to the game, so I don’t know if you’ll see this comment. But as a small woman, I’ve also been researching was to carry less. I’ve ordered a Manduka Superlite Travel Mat which folds… but I think that old folding mat you were talking about is the Gaiam Foldable Travel Mat – it has the waffle pattern that you were talking about… and it’s on sale at the moment :

    • I have that mat by Gaiam, bought it at a Borders Bookstore at an airport with a coupon off my phone. I take it with me when I travel fits in the front compartment of my bag and I can use it on top of a rental mat or on the carpet. I use the waffle side up. I really like the Lululemon travel mat but they are sold out don’t know if they going have them available again, gave mine to my daughter as I didn’t use it now I want it back.

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