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Yoga Product Review: Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat

Hugger Mugger Earth Elements mats are PVC and latex free, non-toxic, and biodegradable. In addition, they are also really good looking mats, with an appealing textured pattern on top and several different colors to choose from. Most importantly, perhaps, you can feel good about buying this mat because it is one of the most “eco-friendly” mats out there.

Despite all of this, the Hugger Mugger Earth Elements mat is not one of my favorites, and I know very few people who’ve owned it who actually like it. The initial honeymoon with this mat ends pretty much as soon as it starts falling apart. The makers of the Earth Elements mat claim that it is good for all types of yoga, but this is simply not true. If you do anything remotely vigorous in your yoga practice (e.g. jumping back to chaturanga in your Sun Salutations), this mat is not for you. I imagine that someone who does a more restorative, relaxing kind of practice might enjoy this mat, but for anyone who does Ashtanga, Vinayasa Flow, etc. this mat is a really bad choice. If you absolutely have your heart set on getting an eco-friendly mat, though, I recommend the Jade Harmony Mat over this one.

The Good: Eco-Friendly to the max.

The Bad: Doesn’t last more than a few weeks before large chunks start falling off. Very light mat that lacks “meat” to it. Feels very unsupportive and unsubstantial under your feet.

Overall: C-/D+


2 thoughts on “Yoga Product Review: Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat

  1. This mat might work for those who study Iyengar, but it is unsuitable for any type of flow-based practice. My Hugger Mugger Earth Elements mat began disintegrating the first time I used it.

  2. I thought i was the only one who had pieces of her mat falling out after the second power vinyasa class i took.

    you can literally see where my feet go in DownDog

    the good is the thickness and the fact that it’s longer than I am

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