Yoga Tunes

Yoga Tunes

Like a lot of other people, I really enjoy listening to music while practicing yoga. In this new category of “Yoga Tunes,” I’ll share from time to time some of songs and artists that are making my iTunes playlist for yoga.

My recommendations this week are Explosions in the Sky and Boards of Canada. Both groups are perfect for yoga because they don’t have any vocals, which can often be distracting. Explosions in the Sky is an all instrumental rock band that plays really dramatic (even epic) songs that can sometimes run longer than ten minutes. You may have heard some of their music already if you’ve seen the movie “Friday Night Lights;” Explosions in the Sky did the soundtrack.

Boards of Canada is an electronic group that creates music that lies somewhere between soundscape and experimental ambient. I don’t even really know what these terms mean (I’m no music critic, after all), but no matter what label you decide to slap on this group, their vibe is perfect for yoga, especially for more relaxing, restorative, and/or meditative asana sequences.


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