Self-Practice Journal

Self-Practice Journal 10/23/06

Lately, I’ve been cranking up the heat during my self-practice, even though I’m generally opposed to teachers doing this when I’m in a class. The reason for my artificially heating the room during my own self-practice is simple: I have difficulty building up heat all by myself, and any heat I do build is difficult to maintain throughout the practice when there are not other warm bodies in the room. These issues are becoming even more salient as the weather gets colder here in Indiana. (It was around 40 degrees today and I think I almost passed out from shock when I first stepped outside!) There’s really nothing less conducive to practicing yoga than a frigid room. So as the fall turns into winter, it’ll be particularly important to add some heat to the room during a self-practice.

I think 78 degrees or so is about the right temperature for this. It’s warm enough so that you’re starting to get sweaty by the end of your Sun Salutations, but not so warm that you will sweat without doing any real work.


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