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Yoga Product Review: Lululemon Athletica – Worth the High Price?

If you’ve ever stopped in a Lululemon retail store, you were probably struck by how expensive their clothing is compared to other athletic clothing. But you’ve also probably been tempted to buy something; their designs are really quite nice. Plus, a lot of yoga teachers and yoga “rock stars” frequently don Lululemon clothing, which for many lay yogis makes Lululemon apparel a must have. But is Lululemon clothing really worth the high price?

The short answer is, sometimes. If you’re buying their clothing for the label, I don’t think I have to say just how unyogic that is. And if you’re buying their clothing because it’s expensive, and people know it’s expensive, and then they’ll think you’re Mr. or Mrs. Money Bags because you wear Lululemon, again, I don’t think I have to say just how unyogic that is.

There are, however, some very good reasons to buy Lululemon yoga attire. First, and foremost, they have some really cool stuff. Their women’s line is sexy but not in that tacky/cheap way that some other women’s athletic clothing can be; their men’s line, although not quite as great, does have some stand-outs.

Most importantly, however, Lululemon’s clothing is great for doing yoga. None of my other yoga pants are so good at removing sweat off the body, and no other athletic pants that I’ve ever owned in my life have been so good at keeping my lower body comfortable during a hot, sweaty workout. Lululemon’s clothing breathes well, is light, stretchy, soft, and non-irritating to the skin (there are no annoying labels, and the seams are sewn on the outside of their clothing).

You should be careful, though, to distinguish between Lululemon’s yoga clothing and their “yoga-inspired” clothing. I don’t know that they actually make this distiction explicit, but in my experience, only some of their clothing is actually good for doing yoga. They seem to also make a lot of clothing that is really just for yoga fashion. I made the mistake of buying a pair of expensive men’s pants that ended up being way too heavy and thick for doing yoga. But, as I’ve found, I can at least wear them when I’m teaching a yoga class or just walking around and stay in that cool, “yoga-inspired” mood.


4 thoughts on “Yoga Product Review: Lululemon Athletica – Worth the High Price?

  1. I began my Bikram Yoga practice two months ago, and I am a fan of Lululemon yoga clothing. The fit and quality is like none other. Yes, you pay a slight premium, but you can wash and wear without worry of pilling, fading and shrinking. Plus the gals who work there are very friendly and always willing and ready to provide advice on yoga. I did have an incident with the hot yoga shorts. After a few wears, there was a ‘run’ in the crotch area of the fabric. I brought it back to the store, and they gave me store credit with no problems. The fact that their clothing is also fashionable and flattering are added bonuses.

  2. Sorry, I think Lululemon is a ripoff. Kim, just get a sports bra or tank and a pair of shorts, or capris, preferably in fabric that says it is moisture wicking. I feel full-length yoga pants are too hot. I shop everywhere for yoga clothes, from Target to Lucy to Amazon, for the best deals, no need for brand loyalty!

  3. Was extremely disappointed with there online ordering service. Lulu lemon deals with FedEx and it took FedEx a week for me to finally get my package and that was only because i had to call and just tell them to stop “attempting to deliver” my package and let me pick it up on my own at the warehouse. After a week of waiting and being told to wait at home as i had complained already and they would deliver the next day personally….surprise i waited home all day and got nothing! Got my package today and there is no removable bra cups with my workout tops i ordered, which id like to add that i had called when i ordered to make sure they would send me two pairs and they assured me they would be sent along. I called today to ask them about this and they said they will ship them but since the holidays it will arrive next week, and lucky me i get to deal with FedEx all over again.

    Completely DISAPPOINTED!!!

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