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Product Review: Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

From time to time, I’ll be reviewing various products — e.g. props, books, dvd’s, mats, etc. — that may be of interest for yogis. This time around, I’m going to be looking at the Jade Harmony 3/16″ thick, 68″ long yoga mat. (You can view all of Jade’s mats and read more about them here.)


* Not that sticky when I first got it, much to my disappointment.

* For the first few months, the mat smelled really strongly of rubber, not a pleasant smell when you’re doing down dog.

* The mat started to wear away after a little more than a year of use. Not quite the longevity I had hoped for.

* The Jade Harmony is what is known as an open-cell mat. As a result, sweat and whatever else can get into the tiny little pores on the surface of the mat. This makes it a perfect breeding ground for some nasty stuff. What kind of nasty stuff, you ask? Read this.

* I found this mat to be a little on the squishy side, which I didn’t like, especially since I do a lot of handstands and arm balances, and like to feel a firmer connection with the floor.


* Environmentally sound (or, at the very least, better than most other mats).

* Did actually become quite sticky once I used it for a couple of weeks, much to my surprise and pleasure.

* Decently heavy; felt like something substantial under the feet and hands, and provided more than adequate cushioning for poses that might need it.


Good mat, wished it had lasted longer. But if your practice doesn’t involve too much jumping around or a lot arm balances, and you don’t mind cleaning your mat pretty regularly, the Jade Harmony might be a good choice for you. Plus, knowing that your mat isn’t going to be sitting in a landfill for 150 years gives you a nice feeling each time you step onto it.


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

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  4. I bought the Jade Harmony mat for environmental reasons. I am so disappointed with it! After using it for over 6 months, it still smells of rubber. During the first 3 months, the smell was hardly tolerable, especially in the 88-degree studio environment in which I practice. I have aired it out, washed it with soapy water, vinegar solution, etc and it still smells. It is also fading – the first signs of deterioration, I guess. I would not recommend this mat to anyone.

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