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Yoga Teacher Certification

A recent comment by another blogger has got me thinking about a very interesting issue that I think concerns both yoga teachers and yoga students alike. What exactly does it mean for someone to be a “certified” yoga instructor? From where does a yoga teacher derive his or her credibility/authority?

I’ve expressed a few thoughts on this topic here. I wonder what other people think about this. Personally, I could care less about what paperwork a yoga teacher has to show me; taking class with a teacher and watching them practice yoga are the best ways, in my view, to evaluate a teacher’s understanding of specific asanas and of yoga in general.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Certification

  1. I am consistently amazed by some of the fees asked by teachers for the RYT programs. One week they may offer an intensive, non teacher training, weekend session with two classes a day exploring specific areas of asana practice for approximately hundred dollars. The next month they are charging a little over a thousand dollars for meeting a few times a year for weekend teacher training (often offering Yoga Alliance level one accreditation). It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    If you read some of the numerous Mysore blogs with current Ashtangi students, many of them mention the arbitrary (at least so it seems to me) process Pattabhi Jois certifies many of his students. This is not to say that they are wonderful, dedicated practitioners, but being certified by a teacher or a program, like so many things, is not going ensure that you are going to be a competent teacher.

  2. i am a nationally cetified yoga teacher with yoga alliance. and it means that the teachers training i completed was recognized and approved to meet the hours and standards set by yoga alliance. There are many trainings that do not meet the minumum classroom and actual teaching hours that Yoga Alliance sets. And it also insists that teachers continue education…trainings, workshops etc to stay certified…and we have to submit proof and renew our registration each year. Granted there are many experienced teachers out there not registered, but many that are. And alot of places will not hire a Yoga Teacher without cert. I don’t need to have it, but I choose to.

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