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Universal Yoga

My friend August pointed me to the website for Universal Yoga. Wow, these yogis are hardcore! Check out the “certified teachers” section to see them in action. Just click on any of the teachers’ pictures, and then click on “more pictures.”

Some highlights include Christofer Burns of New Mexico doing a one-handed ekapadakoundinyasana I, as well as what appears to be a one-handed mayurasana (is that even possible?).


2 thoughts on “Universal Yoga

  1. It looks like there is a teacher training for Universal Yoga in your neck of the woods: November 8th-12th 2006 at Mokshayoga center in Chicago. I’m excited to see more of your Digital Asana project. There are some good examples of asanas by one of my favorite instructors in Denver, Mark Giubarelli on (careful there are a lot of ads on the site). He has a wonderful guided meditation and some neat special effects.

  2. Thanks for the info. If I can work it into my schedule, I might actually go up to Chicago for Andrey Lappa’s thing. It looks like there are some other amazing teachers coming to Moksha Yoga too. The hefty price tag for these intensives, however, is not so amazing…

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