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Welcome to my Yoga Blog!


Hello Friends! This blog is dedicated to all things yoga. From time to time, I will post yoga and yoga-related topics for open discussion. Feel free to post responses and comments frequently. Funny pictures are also encouraged, and so are links to articles and websites that might be of interest to yogis and yoginis.

I’ll also use this blog to keep my friends in Los Angeles and elsewhere abreast of my yoga adventures here in Bloomington, Indiana. For the past five years, as a yoga student in Los Angeles, I’ve been fortunate enough to study with some of the kindest and most amazing teachers in the world. Now I’m in Indiana pursuing a PhD in Philosophy, but, time permitting, I hope to share some of what I’ve learned by teaching yoga in the local community. I live at the Midland Yoga Center (, a Kundalini Yoga studio. If you’re ever in Bloomington, drop by and let’s do some yoga!


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