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Yoga Exhibit at the Smithsonian
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Yoga Exhibit at the Smithsonian

I just learned of a new exhibit coming to the Smithsonian this fall: Yoga: The Art of Transformation. It looks like this is going to be an amazing, first-of-its-kind exhibition covering the vast history and art of yoga. They’re currently trying to raise some additional funds to support all the various programs and displays, so please consider … Continue reading

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Yoga has Entered the Country’s Elite Business Schools – And Their Lessons Are Meaningful For You

An immensely popular business school professor at my alma mater, The University of Pennsylvania, is relying on yogic principles for his new theories relating to Organizational Psychology. He has adopted “helpfulness” as the centerpiece for his credo of pro-social motivation. Pro-social motivation is the desire to have a positive impact on other people, groups, and organizations … Continue reading

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Soul Flower’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing: The Real Deal

With the world of yoga attire and accessories increasingly commercialized, it’s always a treat to come across a company holding true to its eco-friendly and ethical standards. So when I first tried on my Soul Flower tank and pants, I was elated to see the proudly-displayed inner tag reading: MADE IN CALIFORNIA. Post-consumer Recycled Plastic. … Continue reading